EMS Vehicle Operator

EMS Vehicle Operator (EMSVO)


Roles and responsibilities: An EMSVO operates ground EMS vehicles for an EMS agency, as authorized by an EMS agency.


Certification: The Department will certify as an EMSVO an individual who meets the following qualifications:

1.Completes an application for EMSVO certification through an electronic process, as prescribed by the Department

2. Is 18 years of age or older

3. Has a current driver's license

4.Is not addicted to alcohol or drugs

5.Is free from a physical or mental defect or disease that may impair the person's ability to drive a ground EMS vehicle

6.Has successfully completed an Emergency Vehicle Operator's Course (EVOC) of instruction approved by the Department

7.Has not:

  1. Been convicted within the last 4 years prior to the date of application of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  2. Within the last 2 years, prior to the date of application, been convicted of reckless driving or had a driver's license suspended due to use of drugs or alcohol or a moving traffic violation

8. Has successfully completed an EVOC course following a disqualification from certification under paragraph (7), regardless of whether the person successfully completed the course previously

Current Providers:

Must request EMSVO certification as an add-on through the provider records. Job Aids are provided in the PA EMS Registry Help to assist with the process. PA EMS Registry is located  HERE


New Applicants (not currently in the PA EMS Registry System):


Must complete the new provider application process located on the left side (grey box) on the PA EMSRegistry home screen HERE